Do You Need Help?


There are many things that can affect your physical and mental wellbeing. Some of these can stem from feeling lonely or isolated, being stressed about work, money or housing issues or even from having to learn to cope with long term conditions.

Social Prescribing is a way to help provide you with the tools you need to improve your own wellbeing by listening and linking you in with community groups, new activities or pointing you in the right direction to get the help you need.

East Hants PCN have a fantastic team of Social Prescribing Link Workers who are passionate about helping others to improve their own wellbeing in a way that suits each individual. By working closely with you, they can help come up with a support plan that details concerns and goals and can advise of ways to improve how you are feeling in a way that works best for you.

They have contacts for a number of community groups, activities and resources that they can put you in contact with and most importantly, have the time to listen to what truly matters to you so that you can really focus on improving your general health and wellbeing.

Social Prescribers can support: Mental Health, Physical Health, Social Isolation, Learning Disabilities, Fall Preventions, Dementia, Housing Issues, Financial Issues, Elderly Support, Family Planning, Bereavement Support, Parenting Techniques, Further Education, Diet and Nutritional Advice, Work/Volunterring, Advocacy, Long Term Health Conditions, Domestic Abuse, Young Carers

If you think this could be a service that you can benefit from, you can self-refer by clicking here.