Flu clinics are now available to book for patients aged over 65 and patients under 65 in an “at risk” group.


Please contact the surgery to book your appointment. Further clinic will be arranged depending on supplies being available.



For 2021/22 the following are eligible for flu vaccination:

· Anyone over the age of 65 or due to turn 65 before 31st March 2022

· People aged from 6 months to less than 65 years of age with a serious medical condition such as:

       o Chronic (long-term) respiratory disease (severe asthma, COPD or bronchitis). Only those issued with a prescribed preventer inhaler for asthma                          are entitled to the flu injection

       o Chronic heart disease such as heart failure

       o Chronic kidney disease at stage three, four or five

       o Chronic liver disease

       o Chronic neurological disease, such as Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease or learning disability

       o Diabetes

       o Splenic dysfunction of asplenia

       o A weakened immune system due to disease (such as HIV/Aids or cancer treatment)

       o Morbidly obese (BMI of 40+ and above)

       o All pregnant women

· Household contact of those who are immunocompromised, specifically those who live in the same household on most day during the winter months

· Those who are 50 and over by 31st March 2022 with no risk factors (this is a temporary extension)

· Care/residential home residents

· Carers

· Locum GPs

· Frontline health and social care staff employed by:

       o Registered residential care or nursing home

       o Registered domiciliary care

       o Voluntary managed hospice provider


We expect our phone lines to be very busy so please avoid ringing at peak times ie 8am and 2pm to book flu appointment.

Details on child flu clinics will be released once we have further information but it is expected that most school age children will receive their flu nasal spray at school and the surgery will mainly be offering clinic for children aged 2 or 3, or older if in an “at risk” group.